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2023 Racer Registration


Boat Checks are available ANY TIME before the races by contacting David Powell at the Bay Company: 907-874-3340.  Get your boat pre-inspected so there are no surprises at the boat check on race day.  This does not take the place of Boat Checks on Race Day.

FEE: There is a DISCOUNTED FEE of $50.00 for all racers who sign up BEFORE JUNE 26.  On June 26 and after, there is a fee of $100.00 for each Racer and Co-pilot which pays your APBA membership fee of $100.00 each (SRRR pays the difference for early sign-up) and makes you eligible to enter all events.  Example, a single racer pays $100.00, and a racer with a co-pilot pays $200.00.  Racers are encouraged to find Sponsors to cover the fee.  Please list your sponsor on your paperwork so we can announce them at the races.  Payment can be made on race day.  You can enter as many categories as your boat is eligible for with a single fee.  Note, fee is per person, so co-pilots also need to register and pay the  fee.

Three ways to register early:

After reading the information in this section,

1 - Click on the link at the bottom of THIS section to fill out and sign your packet easily online using jotform.

2 - Request a packet to be emailed to you by clicking the email link at the bottom of this section.


3 - Scroll down to each section, click to download each section, fill out each page completely, scan and email to the link at the bottom of this page, or mail to PO Box 738 Wrangell, AK 99929.

2023 $5,200.00 Total Prize Money


1st $1,300.00

2nd $900.00

3rd $700.00


1st $1100.00

2nd $700.00

3rd $500.00


Boat Checks at 2pm at Summer Float

Racer Sign-up after check at City Dock

Safety Meeting at 3:30 at City Dock

Races Start at 4:30

Awards Ceremony to follow

Order of Events:


    Limited Checkered Flag Run

Rooster Showing


    Unlimited Checkered Flag Run

AK Air Raffle Drawing

Awards Ceremony (winners must be present to receive prize money and trophies)

4th of July Boat Races Information:

IMPORTANT, ALL PARTIES MUST SIGN FORMS including Racers, Co-Pilots, and Boat Owners.  The first four forms below are required for each to participate.  There are also required SRRR waiver, APBA waiver, and Event Forms which each racer, boat owner, and co-pilot will need to fill out the day of the races.

After the forms below, there are also race maps for each category for you to save or print.  Please read the description of the course to prepare for race day.

Racer forms need to be read, understood, and signed prior to registration by racers, co-pilots, and boat owners.  To save yourself time on race day, and if you are not pre-registering, all forms that are online should be printed out, filled out before registration, and brought with you to Sign-Up after your boat is checked off at 2:00 on the 4th of July at City Dock.  Please keep a copy for yourself to refer back to.  The race courses are yours to keep, they do not need to be turned in.  You will sign waivers and fill out the APBA Club Application at Sign-up whether you sign up early or not.

Boat Checks at 2pm are mandatory and must be completed by 2:30 at the latest.  Please check your boats personally ahead of time to decrease the possibility of not being able to pass on race day.  We encourage all racers to have a pre-check with David at the Bay Company by calling 907-874-3340.

Safety Meeting starts at 3:30 promptly: Racers, co-pilots, and volunteers must all attend.  Racers may not race if they don't attend the meeting.  Please show up at 3:25.

Racers and optional co-pilots must be 18 years of age or older to race.

Boat owners must also sign paperwork if someone else is racing their boat.

Racers and co-pilots must have a blood alcohol level of 0.0 and will be tested prior to racing after the Safety Meeting in the pit at the Harbor Float Plane Dock.  After testing, racers should not leave the pit and race course.  If they do, they will need to retest before continuing.

A boat may still win prize money even if they are the only boat racing in a category, but must run the course and  cross the finish line to qualify for prize money. 

The race directors have the right to alter and/or remove any categories or prizes if needed, and have the right to postpone or cancel races if needed.  All changes will be posted on this webpage and/or made known to racers the day of the races if changes need to be made last minute.  By entering the races, it is understood racers have all read and understand all rules, including information on this site.

Thanks!  SRRR Club Board

Racer Registration and Information: Text

2023 Boater Safety Rules

Required, Please read thoroughly and fill out completely.

Name: ___________________________                                                         Updated 4.19.23

Boater Safety Rules                                                                                            

Boats will reach a maximum of less than 100 MPH on the course.  Racing Boats will be between the lengths of 10 and 40 feet (over 115 HP must be 15’ and over) and be equipped with the following or will not race.  Safety boats will have the same equipment except helmets, and may wear any type flotation.

  • Any loose objects removed or secured (seats also secured).  No loose objects in the boat.

  • If equipped with bow rope, length must not reach the prop/jet

  • Tether secured to driver (not around wrist)

  • Battery box or other means to completely secure battery (bolts only are not acceptable)

  • Hull intact

  • A fitting, secured lifejacket of all persons in the boat.  It is suggested that life jackets have leg straps or thigh skins, extraction loops on shoulders, and skid collar, but these features are not mandatory.  Every driver shall demonstrate that his life jacket will function properly when requested by the referee or pit crew.

  • Full Helmet secured on all persons in the boat: It is suggested that the upper 50% of the helmet be a single bright color.  Half and ¾ helmets should not be worn.  If helmets are not equipped with a face shield, it is suggested goggles or ANSI/OSHA approved safety glasses with restraint straps be worn.

  • Steering in good working condition

  • Functional reverse if equipped

  • For any HP over 115, the hull will be 15 feet or longer.

  • It is the driver’s responsibility to be Coast Guard compliant to and from the race course.  SRRR is not responsible for checking compliance before and after the races.

  • Racers and pit crew will wear closed footwear

  • No participant may enter with a splint, neck brace, or similar medical devices unless cleared by a doctor to race.

  • After crossing the finish line, a boat shall not interfere with any boat still in the race so as to affect the time of such boat at the finish.  Boats must not make any sudden turns after finishing a race.  Boats will come off step in a straight line.  Boats must look to make sure no other boats are behind them before making the turn to return to the pit.

  • For the Circular race, boats must wait until all boats have crossed the finish line before safely returning back to the harbor.

  • For Unlimited, boats will stay in their own lane and finish on their side of the finish buoy (inside boat finishes on the inside of the buoy and outside boat finishes on the outside) or will be disqualified.  After finishing and coming off step, the inside boat will make a turn to the right, and the outside boat will make a turn to the left to return back to the pit.

  • Boats may not run between City Dock and the outer marker next to the dock or will be disqualified.

  • All racers must be wearing a wristband issued to them by an official the day of the races indicating they have filled out all required paperwork.

Driver Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the driver to make sure his/her boat is in good working condition and has all required safety equipment.  Racers will read, understand, and sign safety rules and liability waivers.  A breathalyzer will be administered before racing, and racers may not enter the races with any level of alcohol in their system (level must be 0.0).  Drivers and co-pilots certify they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Drivers will do their best to race in a safe manner and are aware there are other racers on the course and safety boats nearby.  It is suggested that each racer log several hours of practice time in an open area with no other boats around before entering races, and should familiarize themselves with the race course(s).  Drivers must follow Race Directors instructions at all times.  Drivers understand that even if they pass all requirements, safety crew may disqualify them if they feel there are any other unsafe issues with the boat, driver, or co-pilot.  Drivers will alert and make race personnel aware of any dangerous conditions or behavior of others.  Drivers will be made aware of safety signals, and if there is a stoppage of races, they must safely exit the course, as described in the racer’s packet.  Safety Crew may perform a full boat check, and the boat, driver, and co-pilot must meet all requirements or be disqualified. It is compulsory that the contestant(s) of each boat attend the Safety Meeting, aka Driver’s Meeting. The Referee must verify the presence of each contestant. In case the contestant(s) cannot attend the Safety Meeting as scheduled because of very extenuating circumstances, it shall be the privilege of the Referee to permit the contestant(s) to be excused and have a private meeting before racing. Contestant(s) may possibly be subject to other penalties as per category rules for failing to attend the Safety Meeting.  Drivers will also adhere to any additional rules stated at the safety meeting.


Boaters will be reminded of the following in their racing packet:  Although the safety crew will do their best to keep the course cleared of any debris, racers are aware there may be hidden objects floating below the surface of the water or debris entering the course at any time.  Boaters are also aware of weather conditions such as wind, rain, water turbulence, and wildlife that may be nearby.  It is up to the discretion of the safety crew to cancel, postpone, or reschedule any or all races due to unsafe conditions.  Safety crew has the right to add or amend any rule as they see fit.  Racers will be notified of any changes before races begin.


In the event of an accident, safety boats will stop the race by way of VHF radio announcing safety word “Freeze” three times in a row and/or visual signaling with Red flags.  If racers are in a cluster, outside boats will break away in a safe manner to allow Safety Boats to respond.

The Safety Crew reserves the right to disqualify any racer from participating, or pull any boat out of the races, if they feel the driver or equipment may be hazardous.  The Safety Crew also has the right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule the races due to unsafe conditions.

I have read and understand the Safety Rules and have received a copy.  I will adhere to all Safety rules and restrictions:


_________________________________   _________________________________   ________________

            Full Printed Name                                           Signature                                     Date

Racer Registration and Information: Text

2023 Racer Profile

Required sections of this page are marked with an asterisk* & highlighted on the downloaded document

Racer Profile, Wrangell 4th of July Boat Races  (Vest # assigned at races_______)   updated 8/5/22

*(asterisk sections required)  *Check all that apply*   O Unlimited    O Limited    O Roster Tail 

*Name:___________________________ AKA (racing name?):___________________________

*Engine Yr/Horsepower/Make:____________________*Top Speed:______ *Boat Length:_____

*Boat Year & Type:____________________________ *Boat Color:________________________

Racer Age and Year Born :______/______________


Boat Name:___________________________________________________________________

Boat previous owners?___________________________________________________________

What got you into racing?_________________________________________________________


Racer experience with racing, how long, and what races?_______________________________


Racer Awards?_________________________________________________________________

Co- Pilot Racing History?_________________________________________________________

Family Racing History?___________________________________________________________


Boat Racing History?_____________________________________________________________


Interesting facts about boat (where it was purchased, recent problems or upgrades, etc.)?_____


Interesting facts about racer?______________________________________________________


 Interesting facts about co-pilot?___________________________________________________ 

*Cell Phone or home number:_____________________________________________________


Please turn over and use the other side if you need more room for any of the questions.   

Racer Registration and Information: Text

2023 Signals

Required, Please read thoroughly and fill out completely.

Signals and Flags                                                                          Updated 4/19/23

Red Flag and safety word “Freeze” three times:  Race Stoppage.

In the event of an accident, safety boats will stop the race by way of VHF radio announcing safety word “Freeze” three times in a row and/or visual signaling with Red stop flags.  If racers are in a cluster, outside boats will break away.  When safe to do so, safety boats will respond to the boater in need of attention with First Aid supplies and EMS Personnel.  Safety crew will assist and escort EMS with any patients to the Ambulance which will be on stand-by.  Safety crew will clear any debris and resume racing after making sure the course is clear, safety supplies and equipment are in place, and all boats are in position. 

Green Flag:  Start of each race or heat

The Safety Crew reserves the right to disqualify any racer from participating, or pull any boat out of the races, if they feel the driver or equipment may be hazardous.  The Safety Crew also has the right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule the races due to unsafe conditions.

I have read and understand the Signals and have received a copy:

_________________________  ___________________________   ____________

            Full Printed Name                                Signature                                        Date

Racer Registration and Information: Text

2023 Limited

Limited (up to and including 115 HP with 10’ and larger hull)   V-bottom Prop boats only with seats (no jets, flat bottoms, or tunnels. No tiller handles).  Five boats maximum per heat.  Boats will use a rolling start, beginning in the harbor The Start Boat will be positioned on the land side of the boats.  The inside boat will line up with the start boat, then each boat will line up to the boat on the inside of them in succession.  When boats are in line, the start boat will signal with a green flag to start at or around the Breakwater marked “START” on the race map.  Each lap is a half mile long.  Racers will run the course counterclockwise around the buoys five laps.  Racers must keep track of laps.  After five laps, racers will make a straight run to the finish line at the finish buoy in line with the lone dolphin (see the orange dot on the map).  If a racer  runs on the inside of any buoy during the race, they can circle back INSIDE the circular course to re-enter the course safely after boats have passed.   If you cut another boat off while re-entering, you will be disqualified.  After racers cross the finish line, they will ease off step in a safe manner and come to a stop near the outer marker marked in red on the race map.  Boats will wait until ALL boats have crossed the finish line, then may return back to the pit at a safe speed.  Racers will be disqualified if they race back to the harbor.  Official results will be given to the racers upon return at the Pit.  If more than five boats sign up, heats will consist of three laps.  Boats will be divided as evenly as possible.  The top two from each heat will race three laps in the final heat.  If there are more than 11 boats, the top boat from each heat will compete in the final heat.  

Racer Registration and Information: Text

2023 Unlimited

Unlimited (any horsepower up to 99 MPH with a 15’ or larger hull with seats.  No tiller handles)
Two boats will run head to head.  Jets are ok to race against props on the straight line course.  The order on the first bracket will be picked by boat type at random by booth officials, unless an order is agreed on by Unlimited Racers.  Boats will use a rolling start, beginning in the harbor.  The Start Boat will be positioned on the land side of the boats.  The inside boat will line up with the start boat, and the outside boat will line up with both boats.  When boats are nose to nose, the start boat will signal with a green flag to start at or around the Breakwater marked “START” on the race map.  Run is a single straight line to the Finish.  The end of the race is in line with the orange finish buoy and the dolphin off the North side of City Dock marked “FINISH” on the race map.   This may be a single or double elimination race, depending on number of entrants.   Boats MUST stay to the West of the inner boundary buoys, which are next to City Dock marked in red on the race map, or will be disqualified from all races.  Boats will not cross into another boat’s path or will be disqualified.  Boats will finish on their own side of the Finish Buoy or be disqualified.  Boats will come off step, then turn away from each other to return to the pit in a safe manner, at a safe speed, to the breakwater.  Return path will be on the outside of the Limited circular course (white buoys).  Boats  will not race back to the harbor or will be disqualified.   Note: Track and boundary buoys will be of different color.

Racer Registration and Information: Text

2023 Gary Allen Sr. Rooster Tail Showing

“Gary Allen Sr.” Rooster Tail Showing (note, no prize)

Boats will run individually.  Start line is anywhere between the breakwater and the South end of City Dock.  Boats will start at the green flag, stay on the outside (to the West) of the buoys next to City Dock marked in red on the race map, throw the rooster tail of his or her choice, and will end before or at the finish buoy.  Boats will make a safe turn back toward the harbor and may throw a rooster on the way back, but must finish before reaching the breakwater.  Boats should be out from the dock far enough so that the fans can see.  Fans have had a hard time seeing when boats are too close to the red inner boundary buoys.  Boats MUST stay to the outside of the red inner boundary buoys, which are next to City Dock, or will be disqualified from all races. 

Racer Registration and Information: Text
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